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2WD Stickers

Price: $4.00ea


Do you have Syncro envy?   
Do your Syncro owning friends consistently give you the jab for owning a 2WD? Are you tired of people asking you, "Is that one of those 4WD Vanagons?" and having to say, "No, it's just a 2WD."? Well now you can fly your colors loud and proud with the new "2WD" stickers from T3 Technique.

These stickers will not give your van better traction.
These stickers will not make your van worth more money.
These stickers will not give your van more credibility among the off-road crowd.
These stickers should not be used for holding your bumper ends in place.
These stickers are not suitable for emergency fuel line repair.
These stickers will not make your engine conversion superior to others.
These stickers will not increase the corrosion resistance of your aluminum engine.
These stickers will not change your gearing.
These stickers will not make sense to many people...

...but they will increase your chances of getting stares, head shakes and getting laughed at by others.

Made in the USA!

Seriously? You really want technical details of a sticker? Okay here you go...they are sticky on one side and smooth on the other. Perfect for smooth surfaces, not so good for non-smooth surfaces. (You know we're just kidding around, right?)

Oh, and they are 213mm X 59mm in size.

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