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Bullihutzen (Vent Scoops)

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Direct from Germany, Bullihutzen (Vent Scoops) help force more air down through the side vents and into the engine compartment. If you have an air to air intercooler or oil cooler in the path of the incoming air through the side vents, these scoops will help make those coolers as efficient as possible by forcing more air through the cooling fins. Even if all you want is a cooler engine compartment, the Bullihutzen (Vent Scoops) will help.

Scoops come in a gloss black gelcoat finish, but can easily be painted satin black or body color. 

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Mounting instructions (please read carefully before purchasing this product):

Comes in a set of two (left and right).

Requires modifications to the Vanagon side vents.

Fitting, drilling and assembly required.

Kit includes: Two scoops, eight rivets

Additional items necessary for installation: Black urethane adhesive (available at the hardware store or autobody supply)

Installation instructions are downloadable from the link below:

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