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How to Contact T3

Please email us at and we will get back to you as quickly as possible


Wheel size and offset

Wheel part number (if available)

A photo of the wheel

Will this be for a 2wd or a Syncro?

Let us know if you have stock or modified brakes

Let us know if you have stock or modified suspension

Desired tire size (if known)

Any other information that you think may streamline the conversation

*PLEASE NOTE* Many folks ask why we do not list a phone number on the website and why we conduct all business conversations and technical assistance via email. We want to provide you with the absolute best customer service and due to the volume of inquiries that we get, email ends up being the most efficient method of communication. We are not opposed to chatting on the phone if it is absolutely necessary, but we do like to keep that to a minimum whenever possible.Thank you for understanding! 

 When it comes to wheel fitment, we need to have some very specific information regarding your van and the wheels you will be working with. Many times people are not aware of how much information is needed in order to get wheels mounted properly and are not prepared with all of this information when they contact us. We also deal with so many different people on a daily basis that we absolutely have to keep a record of each individual's requirements in order to keep it all straight.