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025 Motorsport 711 Shifter

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It’s not glittery, it’s not flashy or gaudy. It looks stock, but it shifts like a modern car. Not just a beefed-up copy of the original design, the 025 Motorsport 711 shifter revolutionizes and modernizes the shifting experience in a T3 (Vanagon/Syncro).

Biasing the shift lever in the center like a modern car (as opposed to being biased all the way to the right as is stock for the T3), the 711 shifter fundamentally changes the way a T3 shifts. In addition to center biasing, the throw of the lever is greatly reduced for less “rowing” and more driver comfort when shifting gears. Add the incredibly solid, precise feel of the shifter in your hand and it’s truly a completely new shifting experience.  

Center-biased shift lever location (like a modern car)

Much shorter lever throw (roughly 44% shorter than stock)

All new custom cast, precision machined housing

Precision steel ball/pivot assembly

New solid shift lever

Available for the Syncro, 2wd 4-speed, and 2wd 5-speed gearboxes


Installation instructions included

Fits 2wd and Syncro as well as the 2wd 5-speed


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