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NEO HPCC#1 CV Joint Grease

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NEO Synthestics HPCC#1 CV Joint Grease - The Ultimate High-Performance CV Grease!

"DANG! That stuff is expensive!" Yes, it sure is, but so is the repair of a failed CV joint, especially out in the middle of nowhere. If you have a high HP, lifted, heavy Vanagon or Syncro, especially one that sees any off-road time, then NEO HPCC#1 CV grease could make the difference between an awesome trip and a trip spoiled by a failed CV joint.

Besides the fact that NEO HPCC#1 has an incredible EP (extreme pressure) package to protect all of the moving parts in the CV joint, it is also formulated to form a skin over the top of itself. Not only does this skin help keep dirt out in the event of a damaged CV boot, but it also helps create an encasement for the grease inside the CV joint. As the CV joint plunges in and out, the grease is contained inside this skin and the plunging action helps pump new grease back and forth to ensure that the CV joint always has a fresh, protected supply of grease. 

NEO HPCC#1 is used by some of the top Formula 1, SCCA, IMSA, SCORE, TORC, WRC, NASCAR and many other teams in the world to ensure they CV are never a problem for them. 

12.5 oz caulking gun catridge

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NEO HPCC#1 Grease is a specialty grease for linear and oscillating mechanisms and couplings, such as constant velocity couplings (CV joints) and sealed bearings. It will take heavy shock loads, frequent axial movements, large speed variations, and frequent reversing. It is made with a higher molecular weight synthetic base stock and will withstand extreme temperatures. It has a very strong resistance to water washout in rain or even salt water.

NEO HPCC#1 Grease is designed for low oil separation under centrifuging. It is classified as an NLGI#1 ½ Grade grease but will react to the amount of shear loading and will stiffen to a hard #2 grade grease. The grease is designed to “skin over” to create a shell that resists dirt & moisture, but this shell does not in any way detract from the lubricating qualities. For this reason, this is an excellent product for “sealed for life” bearings, wheel bearings or large open gears. It is equally at home in dusty climates and very wet locations.


HPCC#1/s designed use is for severe sliding, skidding and rolling contact such as extremely heavily loaded ways and guides: slow, large diameter ball & roller bearings, journals, linear & oscillating mechanisms; and Constant Velocity, Articulated, Knuckle & Universal Joints subject to the harshest shock loading, angularity, radial forces and high torque transmission to driving components. Selected applications are found on demanding Military Mobile Equipment, All-Terrain Vehicles, Armored Troop Carriers & Commercial Off-Road Construction equipment. HPCC #1 can be used on sensitive metallurgy including copper, silver, tin, aluminum and their alloys. Exceptionally resistant to water wash conditions including emulsions. HPCC #1 is specially formulated to slightly “skin dry” when in contact with air to provide self-sealing protection when seals are deteriorated. Special compounding & lubricating solids provide superior anti-seize characteristics & exceptional acid & corrosion resistance.


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