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Dual Gauge Pod

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Dual gauge pods mount in the center ash tray area of the dashboard and are designed to aim the gauges directly at the driver for best viewing angle from this location.

Designed to fit 52mm (2 1/16") gauges. 

Note - Some gauges that have fat rings around the face may not fit well. Gauges that have thinner rings generally fit better. Since the gauge mounting area on the backside of the pod is limited, you may have to get creative with the gauge mounting. Tie wraps tightened tightly to the gauge body pushed up tight against the pod seems to work well. 

The pod mounts to the dash via a pair of wing nuts, so installation is easy and non-permanent. 

Gauges in the photo are not included and are only shown to illustrate what the pod looks like with gauges installed. 

Holds dual dual 52mm (2") gauges

Mounts via two wing nuts on the backside

Textured ABS 

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