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Schwenk 2WD and Syncro Spring Sets

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Why did we choose Schwenk Springs? Because they are simply the best! Schwenk springs provide the best ride quality, are engineered from the best materials and build processes, and offer the best backing available anywhere - a LIFETIME guarantee. 

All Schwenk springs are engineered specifically for the Vanagon using top quality materials, build process, and heat treatment. This attention to detail creates a spring that is on par with the original VW springs. 

This particular spring set produces an approximate ride height of 17.25" (center of axle to fender lip) on a stock, unloaded 2wd Westy. Final ride height will vary depending on load and will be slightly higher for a tin top Vanagon. 

Springs are ever-so-slightly stiffer than stock, but not enough to make the ride quality harsh. Just a nice, smooth, controlled ride quality.


Only sold as a matched set of four

Material = Chrome Silicon Steel

Spring rate = Just slightly higher than a standard 2wd

Ride height  = Approximately 17.25" for a stock, unloaded 2wd Westy. Heavier vans will result in a lower ride height. Lighter weight tin tops will have a slightly higher ride height.
The relationship between springs, shocks, and tires - All three of these components have an effect on the ride quality and all must play in concert with each other in order to achieve a nice ride quality and optimum handling. Worn out shocks, shocks that are too stiff, tires with too high or too low of a load rating, tire air pressure too low or too high, worn out tires, etc. can all change the ride quality and handling characteristics. Springs are only one component in the system so do not expect them to make up for the deficiency of other parts. 



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