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Syncro Speedo Drive Gear

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Unlike the stock plastic gears or the cheap 3D printed gears, these precision machined aluminum bronze Syncro speedo drive gears will probably outlast the vehicle. Buy quality, buy once, and never have to worry about it again. 

Available in the following ratios:

8/19 (equivalent to the stock white plastic gear)

8/20 (equivalent to the stock black plastic gear)

8/21 (equivalent to the stock red plastic gear)


Precision engineered aluminum-bronze gear to be bonded to your original drive shaft.

 Why choose aluminum bronze as a pinion material over plastic? It's a historically proven combination. Bronze is hard wearing but not mechanically hard. It has outstanding mechanical properties in this worm/wheel application, is self-lubricating, and because it is a metal it will bond well to the original hardened steel shaft, once suitably cleaned and degreased. Any "fines" resulting from wear are considerably softer and less damaging to bearings when compared to that which is slowly shed by the crownwheel and pinion meshing (the stuff that collects on the magnetic plug).





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