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Tail Light Blenders Solid

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Taillight blenders are a nice finishing touch to the rear end of your T3. Made of vacuum formed ABS with a fine grain texture similar to the original VW blenders (these are not fiberglass). These are currently available in two styles - All black or black with red reflective slots.  Installation is easy using double back tape, glue or screws (not supplied).

Place thin double back tape along the top, side, and bottom edges of the existing tail light, then install the blender to the light. If using screws, you will not be able to use them along the bottom edge so you may want to place a couple of dabs of glue along that edge. 

Please remember that this is a custom part and will require a little work to install. Without any tire carriers or other aftermarket items in the way, the blenders should fit perfectly and need no trimming at all. However, if you have a spare tire carrier or anything else mounted in the vicinity of the tail lights, you may need to trim the blender a little to make it fit. Most of the installation work is simply by attaching them the tail lights. You do not need to attach the blenders to the body, just the taillights themselves.



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