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Early Syncro Balljoint Adapter Bolt Kit

Price: $8.36ea

Early Syncros with stamped lower control arms have a separate balljoint adapter that bolts to the control arm. These bolts also hold the radius rods to the lower control arm and are therefore very, very import.  It is very common for these bolts to rust and break during disassembly. The grade 10.9 bolt, washer and nut kit offered here is a perfect replacement for the originals and you can drive down the road with confidence.

Bolts, washers and/or nuts may be supplied in one of the following finishes - yellow zinc, clear zinc or black oxide.

One kit contains the following:

1 Bolt

1 Washer

1 Nut

Each vehcile requires six kits (three per side) for total bolt replacement.


Bolt grade = 10.9

19mm hex head

Torque to 65 ft lb

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