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Vanagon Radius Rod Nut Set

Price: $6.90

Over time, the Vanagon radius rod nuts can get corroded and/or damaged. We have high quality high strength replacement nuts for that application. While the lock nuts included in this kit are slightly different than the OE locking nuts, the function, thread size and required wrench size (27mm) is identical. So replace your old, worn or damaged radius rod nuts with brand new hardware when you replace your radius rod bushings and you will most likely never have to think about them again.

One set inlcudes one regular nut and one locking nut.

Regular nut is for the rear most location and the locking nut is for the forward most location on the radius rod.

Grade 10.9 Nuts

Locking nut = Conical locking style

May come in either black oxide, yellow zinc or zinc plating.

Requires a 27mm wrench

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