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Urethane Bushings -- where Road meets Chassis.


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High efficiency, petroleum based grease fortified with PTFE. When applied to a metallic surface, a fine protective and lubricating film is created. It is virtually unaffected by corrosive moisture and will not migrate from hot surfaces. Created specifically for use where plastic (polyurethane, Teflon, etc.) is present. Extremely water washout resistant which prevents bushing squeaks for the long term. Our test vehicle has nearly 100,000 miles on the same bushings and Accrolube grease and hasn’t made a peep. And this is in the extremely wet and harsh Northwest environment.

 Due to its unique properties, Accrolube has almost unlimited applications. In addition to bushings, this grease is great for shifter components, sliding door parts, hinges, pedal pivots and any other location where two parts rub together. Small enough to keep inside the van for emergency use.

Note - While this grease is adequate for the smaller bushing jobs, the ultimate urethane bushing grease, especially for the bigger jobs, is Bushing Snot. See the link in the Related Products section below. 

High efficiency, petroleum based grease fortified with PTFE

Sizes - 4cc or 1.5 oz

Safe for all plastics and metals

PTFE effective from -50F to 500F

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