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Urethane Bushings -- where Road meets Chassis.

Complete Powerflex Bushing Set

Price: $558.84 to $684.82 (depending on options)

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We understand and appreciate just how hard you work for your money. To help you stretch your budget as far as possible, we are offering this Complete Powerflex Bushing Set at a 10% savings. That's right, 10% off the list price if purchased individually. 

The Complete Powerflex Bushing Kit includes the following:

T31001x2 (Vanagon/Syncro front lower control arm bushing set)

T31006x4 (Vanagon/Syncro front upper control arm bushing set)

T31007x2 or T31009x2 (Vanagon/Syncro front radius rod bushing set)

T31002x4 (Vanagon/Syncro front lower endlink bushing set)

T31004x2 (Vanagon/Syncro front anti-roll bar to chassis mount bushing set)

T31008x2 (Vanagon/Syncro front anti-roll bar to upper endlink bushing set)

T3 1003x4 (Vanagon/Syncro steering rack bushing set)

(optional) T41110x2 (Vanagon/Syncro rear trailing arm bushing sets)

Please click on the Technical Details tab for more information about which kit from the drop-down menu is appropriate for your T3.


We strongly recommend using our Bushing Snot urethane bushing grease for all lubrication on these bushings. See the link in the related products below. 

Note - "RTA" stands for Rear Trailing Arm. Rear Trailing Arm Bushings are an option so please choose from the drop-down menu whether or not you want these bushings included in your order.

Note - Front Radius Rod Bushings: The front upper control arm bushings and front lower control arm bushings fit either 2wd or Syncro. However, the radius rod bushings come in two different durometers (hardness). The yellow radius rod bushing is best suited to Syncros and lifted 2wds while the harder purple radius rod bushings are best suited to stock height or lowered 2wds. Please choose whichever best suits your needs in the drop-down above. 

Note - The "Early" and "Late" anti-roll bar to chassis bushings are easily identified via the mounting bracket. If your brackets have two bolts each holding them to the chassis, they are considered "early". If your brackets have only one bolt each, they are considered "late". 

Note - All "Early" and all "Syncro" anti-roll bar to chassis bushings are 21mm. However, if you have a "Late" 2wd, your van has either a 19mm or a 21mm anti-roll bar. You must check your anti-roll diameter prior to ordering and then choose the correct option from the drop-down menu.

Please contact us if you need help with any of the information above.


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