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Urethane Bushings -- where Road meets Chassis.

Early ('80-mid '85) Vanagon 21mm

Front Anti-Roll Bar Conversion Set Front Anti-Roll Bar Conversion Set

Price: $36.99

Note - One kit contains enough parts for complete replacement

Chassis Bushing Set (for all 1980 through 1984 Vanagons as well as 1985  Vanagons with VIN numbers ending in 145000 or less)

Powerflex Front Anti-Roll Bar to Chassis Bushings improve the efficiency of the front anti-roll bar (sway bar) by allowing the anti-roll bar to do its job controlling the roll of the body during cornering or in windy conditions. Stock rubber bushings are too compliant and much of the anti-roll bar's energy is absorbed into the soft rubber before having any affect on the handling of the vehicle.

Powerflex's Front Anti-Roll Bar to Chassis Bushings allow nearly 100% of the anti-roll bar's energy to be transferred to the suspension resulting in better handling and better resistance to side sway. Since the anti-roll bar itself absorbs most of the energy input from the suspension, stock-like ride quality will be maintained with no increase in harshness or noise. 2wd only.

With a LIFETIME GUARANTEE, Powerflex Front Anti-Roll Bar to Chassis Bushings are the last set of bushings your Vanagon will ever need.

One kit includes enough bushings for one vehicle. 2wd Vanagon only.

*PLEASE NOTE* These bushings are designed for use with all 1980 through 1983 and 1984 Vanagons with a VIN number ending in 145000 or less.  If you have any questions about the proper application of these bushings, please inquire before purchasing.

We strongly recommend using our Bushing Snot urethane bushing grease for all lubrication on these bushings. See the link in the Related Products section below.

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