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Urethane Bushings -- where Road meets Chassis.

Whiteline Rear Trailing Arm Bushings

Price: $40.80 ******* In Stock Now!

Note - One kit contains enough parts for complete replacement

Whiteline bushings provide the best of both worlds with no compromises. Enjoy a stock-like, comfortable ride quality combined with the performance and reliability of urethane. With a LIFETIME GUARANTEE, Whiteline bushings offer you value and performance that no other OE replacement bushing can provide.

“Will they squeak?” – Not when properly installed using the correct grease. Through the design of the inner bore of the bushing, Whiteline created a grease retention system to keep grease where it belongs.

“Will they ride rough?” – Not at all! Whiteline has engineered their “Synthetic Elastomer” (fancy name for polyurethane) to provide a rubber-like ride quality while still offering better suspension location control.

“Are they hard to install?” – Not at all! Whiteline Vanagon bushings are just as easy to install as any OE replacement bushing and in many cases, easier to install.

Please see Technical Details for more information.

Material – Custom polyurethane bushing material with plated steel sleeves

Color – All Whiteline Vanagon suspension bushings are black in color

Bushings are one-piece and will need to be pressed into the trailing arm

Recommended grease –

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