Topics of Significance for all T3 Owners

#8 DIY Suspension Alignment

Finding a good suspension alignment shop is getting harder and harder. Why not do it yourself?

#7 Wheel Quality - cheap aftermarket versus OEM

We have said for years that OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Mercedes, VW and Audi wheels are much stonger than the common aftermarket wheels being used on Vanagons.

#6 Shifter Guides

The "mystery shifter", "rowing a boat", "vague", "hunting for gears", "loose"! These are all terms that we have heard regarding the Vanagon shifter. Not everyone is aware is aware of the shift rod guides, but...

#5 Anti-Roll Bars

Stabilize your Roll with Sway Bars! The terminology here is kind of interesting. Most people call them "Sway Bars", but that would insinuate...

#4 Syncro + Powerflex

Syncro - Powerflex Installation Notes! When installing Powerflex Upper Control Arm Bushings into a Syncro, the VW-specified installation procedure (clearly spelled out in the Bentley manual) of using...