Topics of Significance for all T3 Owners

Wheel Fitment - 2WD VS Syncro

A common mistake that is made when evaluating a wheel fitment on a Vanagon is to mistakenly compare the fit of a 2WD with that of a Syncro, or vice versa. The fact is that while the rear fitments are nearly the same (assuming the stock suspension is still in place), the front suspension of the 2WD and the Syncro are radically different from each other. They use different uprights (spindles), different upper control arms and have different front track widths.

Make sure that if you are considering a set of wheels and tires and are told "Sure, they will fit! I had them on my Vanagon!", that you are sure that you know which Vanagon, Syncro or 2WD, they were on. If the wheels were installed on something other than your particular style of Vanagon, please give us a shout so that we can help you evaluate any potential differences. Our consulting service is free, a tire blowout or the loss of a wheel most likely isn't!