Topics of Significance for all T3 Owners

Stabilize your Roll with Sway Bars

 The terminology here is kind of interesting. Most people call them "Sway Bars", but that would insinuate that they induce sway, which is quite the opposite of what they really do for your Vanagon. Technically speaking, they are correctly termed, Stabilizer Bar, Anti-Roll Bar or Anti-Sway bar. Any one of those three terms correctly indicates what these bars do for you...they help control the sway, or roll, of the body.

Terminology aside, these devices are very important to the handling, safety and ride comfort of all vehicles, especially vehicles that are tall and top heavy, like our Vanagons. Adding larger diameter Anti-Roll bars to your Vanagon is a very effective way to reduce much of the body roll that is experienced with the stock suspension.

 In this interest, T3 Technique is partnering with well known suspension component manufacture to bring you a new line of front and rear Anti-Roll Bars specifically designed for the Vanagon and the Vanagon Syncro. The rear bar(s) will be designed to clear the stock Syncro skid plate. These bars will be available in the upcoming months. Keep checking back for updates and progress.

Update - 12/19/2014 - Finally! Yep, we finally recieved our first batch of anti-roll bars and they have been distributed to some vary patient and persistant customers. While it has been a long, long road, we are very pleased with the final results. Well worth the wait if you ask me! 

 The first run of bars is sold out, but a second run will be in the works soon after the first of the year. The price for the kit is $199.99. This includes the new 25mm anti-roll bar, new urethane mount bushings and brackets, new upper endlink bushings, grease and all associated hardware for installation including instructions. 

 Update - 10/27/15 - The Anti-Roll Bar kits can now be purchased directly off of the website. Thanks to all that have supported this project.