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Syncro - Powerflex Upper Control Arm Bushing Installation Notes

We have had quite a few inquiries about this lately, so it seems that few additional installation notes are in order

 Special care and attention needs to be paid when installing the arms into the vehicle. You may already be aware of this, but the Syncro uses different thickness eccentric washers to adjust the “play” or gap between the eccentric washers and the inner sleeves of the bushings. For a stock, OE type bushings, the maximum gap allowed is 0.5mm. However, due to the unique design of the Powerflex bushings, it is sometimes necessary to remove a small amount of material from the end of the inner sleeve in order to ensure that the inner sleeve and the outer shell sandwich the bushing itself properly. The only way to perform this operation is to install the outer shells into the arms, assemble the bushings and inner sleeves into the outer shells (dry – no grease at this time), then install the arms and check the gap(s). From that point, it’s simply a matter of measuring the gap (if any) and adjusting either the eccentric washer thickness and/or removing small amounts of material from the end of the inner sleeves to remove the gap. There should be very slight amount of preload on the bushing itself when everything is perfect. Too loose and the arm can move back and forth under load, too tight and the bushing could prematurely fail. While it’s very difficult to measure, there should be about 1mm of preload into the entire assembly when installed. Once the gap is set properly, remove the bushings and inner sleeves, apply a liberal amount of grease to all surfaces and reinstall everything.

 If you have any questions about the specific procedure for installing Powerflex Upper Control Arm Bushings into your Syncro, please do not hesitate to contact for more information.