Front Shock Shaft Extensions

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Front shock shaft extensions prevent the front shocks from "topping out" and limiting your downward wheel travel (full droop). This is serious problem with lifted T3s, both 2wds and Syncros. When the suspension is limited by the extension of the shock, the ride quality suffers and it can cause damage to the shocks resulting in failure. 

Also, some shocks, like Konis, are a bit shorter than others with increases the problem and limits your downward wheel travel even more. So if you have ever wanted to run Konis on a lifted 2wd, these will allow you to do that. 

  • Sold as a pair (2)
  • Made in the USA from nickel plated high strength steel, not stainless that is weaker and can gall.
  • Front extensions are available in M10x1.00, M10x1.25, and M10x1.50. Check your shocks before ordering