HD Endlink Kit

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*Out of stock until approximately November 2024*

T3 Technique HD (heavy duty) endlinks that work exclusively with the T3 Technique HD Anti-Roll bar kit. These are super easy to install and will make the new HD Anti-Roll bar more efficient since there will no longer be any movement/energy loss through the endlink bushings. One of our customers said it best:

"OMG! I just installed the HD end links and can totally feel how they make the bigger anti-roll bar much better. Thank you so much! The ride is so much smoother now as ANY little movement from little bumps just driving down the road are now directly taken up by the anti-sway bar and do not have to first go through the middle-man bushings. I am so glad my other end link broke!"

Made in the USA

* Note - These endlinks do not fit the stock T3/Vanagon anti-roll bar. They only fit the new T3 Technique HD Anti-Roll bar kit.

* Note - Despite appearances, these are not adjustable. They come pre-set to the correct length. 

* Note - Comes complete, ready for installation. No bushings required. 

* Sold as a Pair (2)