The foremost retailer of high-performance VW T3 parts (Vanagon, Syncro, etc.). Forming relationships with customers and supplying top quality products and customer service since 1987.

About Us

"It's not just about selling parts. It's about selling high quality parts and making sure the customer gets the kind of quality and service they expect." Christopher Schimke (owner)

Welcome to T3 Technique, where the pursuit of perfection never ends!

T3 Technique is the foremost retailer of performance Vanagon parts with a focus on wheel and tire fitments as well as suspension components. But there is definitely more to it than that.

While the basis of T3 Technique is providing quality wheel and suspension components for the Volkswagen Vanagon, the core of the company is founded on the principal of providing expert advice, forming relationships with customers, and supplying those customers with top quality parts and customer service. The pursuit of perfection does not end at the parts. It extends to every facet of the company.

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"Just wanted to say thank you.  My order arrived today!  Please note that I will proudly display your sticker on my Vanagon.  Your level of service and customer support is far beyond the norm these days.  I really appreciate all your help and obvious expertise. 

My best wishes to you.  I will definitely recommend you to any bus or Vanagon owner I come across. Take care and thanks again!"


“Just wanted to say a big thank you for setting me up with the hardware needed for my wheel conversion! The shop I dealt with was very happy to see everything supplied correctly and the van looks and rides great!” 


I just wanted to thank you for the technical information and the parts I received. Everything has worked perfectly and the van looks great on it's new wheels. Thanks again! 


"Finally got my sway bar reinstalled with the Powerflex bushings. Phenomenal difference! The SS sleeves, nuts, washers you sent fit PERFECTLY! Thanks again for all your help!"


"Your service is second to none. I plan on purchasing more from you in the future. As I said your customer service is great as the parts arrived fast and the order was 100% correct. Also your after sales service is terrific. Thanks Again."