Lifted 2WD Vanagon Shocks

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* NOTE - These items are available on a pre-sale basis. The estimated date of availability is 3/31 (revised), but that could change. If you go ahead and place a purchase for these parts, they will be shipped as soon as absolutely possible. If you have any questions about this, please contact us. 

Lifted (or taller) 2WD Vanagon Shocks

Yep, that's right! You can now have affordable shocks (compared to other custom shocks for lifted 2wds, of course) that are made specifically made for use on a "lifted" (or taller ride height) 2WD Vanagon. These shocks are custom made specifically for us and exhibit many features that most shocks on the market lack, and they cost a lot less than other shocks made for lifted 2WDs. 

The basics -

  • Suitable for 2WD Vanagons with a ride height of 17" or taller (see note below)
  • Fully adjustable, from very plush, to very stiff, and everything in between
  • More wheel travel  (no more "topping out", which creates a rough ride quality)
  • Rubber bushings (not rod-end/uniball ends that make noise and wear out)
  • Large valve diameter for better responsiveness/smoother ride quality 
  • Built in bump stops (front and rear) that work in conjunction with the stock bump stops
  • Factory rebuildable
  • Sold in Front Pairs, Rear Pairs, or as a Set of Four

Full Details -

People often ask what qualifies as a "lifted" Vanagon. It all depends since 2wd Vanagons came from the factory in a wide variety of ride heights. To make it simple, if you measure 17" or more between the center of your FRONT hub and the FRONT upper fender lip, you can use these shocks. Note that vans with a ride height lower than 18" may have to trim their front stock bump stops, install our Powerflex shorter bump stops, remove the provided built in bump stop, or a combination thereof to allow full wheel travel. All of these are simple operations, and we can guide you through the process. 

Fully Adjustable - Why is being adjustable an advantage? Every van weighs in differently, and many vans are running aftermarket lift springs which are stiffer than stock. This results in many different combinations of spring rates (spring stiffness) and vehicle weights. Expecting a non-adjustable shock to be able to perform well over such a wide variety of different combinations is not reasonable. Having the ability to adjust the compress and rebound of our shocks allows you to tune them to suit any combination of vehicle weight and spring rate. And it's as as turning the knob to select one of 28 settings. No need to remove the shocks from the vehicle. 

These shocks are specifically made for use with lifted 2wd Vanagons. They are longer to allow maximum downward travel. That equates to better ride quality and more traction. The rear shocks feature an offset lower eye to allow clearance between the trailing arm and the shock body when the rear suspension is at full droop.

Rubber bushings in the eyes of the shocks offer a quiet, reliable, smooth ride quality. Other high-end shocks usually have uniball/rod end type ends which tend to wear quickly and often make noise. And should the rubber bushings ever wear out, they are replaceable.  

Why does the size of the valving matter? Larger diameter valving has better response to input compared to smaller diameter valving because the larger passages in the valve allow more oil flow. This equates to a shock that feels very controlled without feeling harsh. Small shock valves tend to have a harsher, less controlled ride quality/feel. Our shocks offer smooooth ride quality, yet feel very "in control" at the same time. 

Built in bump stop extensions help ensure the internal valve assembly doesn't bottom out in the shock body, causing damage that leads to shock failure. While you can't see them, the rear shocks have built in bump stops as well. 

Should our shocks ever wear out, they are completely factory rebuildable. 

  • *NOTE - Corrosion protection is required on the adjuster shaft to ensure proper operation. Coat the adjuster shaft thoroughly (especially near the shock body) with Bushing Snot, CRC 06026, or equivalent. There are no warranties for corrosion related issues.