Lower Ball Joint T3 Technique Exclusive

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Sold Individually! Fits 68-79 Bus and 80-91 Vanagon (including Syncro).

Part#'s 251407187, 251407187A, 251407187B, 251407187C, 211405371A, 211405371B

Finally! A lower ball joint that will go the distance. And they are 100% maintenance free and come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY (see below for warranty info).

No greasing, no adjusting. A T3 Technique Exclusive ! 

Seeing the decline of quality Vanagon lower ball joints, we decided to have our own line made to suit our level of quality. Modeled after the infamous (original) VW/Lemforder lower ball joints (original to the Vanagon), these Lower ball joints are designed to support the ball in the housing, preventing pounding out that happens to all other lower ball joints in the market today. If you take a peek at the cutaway photo, you will see the difference in the top cap between the T3 Technique brand and Brand X (which is indicative of all other Vanagon lower ball joints being sold currently). The solid top cap of the T3 Technique lower ball joint supports the ball almost entirely. The Brand X ball joint does not support the ball in the direction of the primary load path. This leads to the ball joints "pounding out" after a few thousand miles.

People keep asking, "Why aren't they adjustable?" and, "Why aren't they greaseable?" The reasons are actually pretty simple. Both adjustable and greaseable lower ball joints require additional maintenance. The metal-on-metal designs of both the adjustable and greaseable lower ball joints mean that they MUST be greased regularly or they will show undue wear. While the adjustable joints do allow you to take any movement due to wear, it's an added maintenance to have to attend to. 
The original VW lower ball joint design, which ours are modeled after, are maintenance free and lasted 200,000+ maintenance, adjustment-free miles. Our Lower ball joints are right on par with the factory VW lower ball joints.

 T3 Technique Vanagon ball joints are the best on the market...GUARANTEED!  

Click here to view details of the Limited Lifetime Warranty