Spax Adjustable Shocks - Rear

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*FOR STOCK or LOWERED HEIGHT 2WDs ONLY!  Not for lifted 2wds!*

Spax rear shocks are 28-way adjustable. The compression and rebound are adjustable simultaneously with the turn of one knob. This means you can fine tune to feel and handling of your van to suit your needs. Knobs are easily accessible so the adjustments can easily be made without any disassembly or even having to raise the van. 

To obtain the best set up for you and your van, we recommend initially setting the shocks to the fully soft position (counterclockwise turn of the knob). Take a drive to see how it feels. If adjustments need to be made, make them in 4 click increments, taking a drive after each adjustment. Each time the driving experience improves, continue adjusting in 4 click increments until the driving experience becomes worse/less desirable. At this point, adjust the knob counterclockwise by one click and retest. Make sure the left and right shocks are adjusted the same number of clicks. Front and rear shocks can be adjusted to a different number of clicks, depending on your desired ride/handling qualities. Be aware that if the rear shocks are set too soft, it may cause the feeling of the front "nose diving", when in fact it's actually the rear rising upward giving you that sensation. Some experimentation may be necessary to achieve the exact ride quality you desire.

* Note - It is strongly recommended that you annually apply some form of corrosion protection (like Bushing Snot, Fluid Film, or other waterproof greases or waxes) to the shock adjuster mechanism to prevent corrosion and the resulting damage. Exposure to road salts, salt air, acids, etc. will reduce the lifespan of the adjuster mechanism and may result in lack of further adjustability.