Steering Rack Crossmember Reinforcement Kit - 2WD

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The 2WD Steering Rack Crossmember Reinforcement Kit does exactly as the name describes - it reinforces the steering rack crossmember to reduce steering rack movement. Applicable to manual and power steering racks.

If you have never observed how much the unreinforced 2WD steering rack crossmember moves, I encourage you to grab a helper to move the steering wheel left and right while you crawl under the van and watch how much that crossmember moves with steering input.

How does this relate to real world circumstances? When you encounter a wind gust, especially from the side, the first reaction you have to it is through the steering wheel, usually by steering into the direction of the gust. When you turn that steering wheel, the unreinforced crossmember must move a certain amount before you achieve any actual steering input to the wheels. By the time this delayed input occurs, often the wind gust is over and now you have to react by steering the opposite direction. This back and forth motion of reactions creates a very unstable feel in the van. By reinforcing that crossmember, we shorten the reaction time in the steering system. This in turn allows you to react to things like wind gusts much quicker, thus making the van feel more stable. Handling in corners is also improved as is the overall steering feel. 

Easy bolt in with common tools. No drilling required.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW CROSSMEMBER MOVEMENT (without reinforcements installed)

CLICK HERE TO VIEW INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS (and view the reduced movement after reinforcement installation)