944 GKN/Lobro CV Joint Kit

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Genuine GLK/Lobro 944 CV Joint Kit

Why 944 CVs? They work well for both stock height and allow slightly more operating angle for vans with MILD lifts. 

  • *NOTE #1 - While this CV kit comes complete with grease and boots, there are much better products on the market that help keep your CV lasting as long as possible. The boots included in these kits are especially known to be short-lived. We have found the Rockford boots to be a much longer lasting, more durable product. For the ultimate in CV longevity and protection, the NEO line of CV grease has a proven track record. See Related Products below for more information. 
  • *NOTE #2 - These kits come with triple square bolts that are usually the correct length for use on the rear of the Vanagon or Syncro, but you will need to double check them to be sure. However, these bolts are not long enough for use on the front of the Syncro, so if you plan to use the 944 CVs on the front of a Syncro, make sure that you use the proper bolts. We have those bolts available. Please see the link below. 
  • *NOTE #3 - These kits include circlips, belville washers and load distribution plates. However, since these kits were put together for the Porsche 944 by GKN/Lobro and were not specifically designed for the Vanagon, it's possible that some or all of these parts will not fit your axles. It's possible that you may need to reuse some of your original mounting hardware when installing these CV joints. No refunds or replacements will be provided for these particular parts in the event that they do not fit your axles. You must be prepared to reuse your original mounting hardware. 
  • *NOTE #4 - These CV joints can be a very tight fit on some axles. It may be necessary to cool the axles (place the freezer overnight) and heat the inner star portion of the CV to get them to slide easily onto the axle shaft.