86-91 Vanagon Headlight Relay Kit

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-Vanagon and Syncro Headlight Relays

Kit for 86-91 vans

*Please note that the 86-91 relay kits come with relay sockets that mount directly to your stock fuse box. No need for screws, zip ties, double-back tape, etc. Mounts just like a factory part.

-        Allows maximum voltage to your headlamps which equates to brighter lights

-        Protects your headlight switch from burning out

-        Most complete kit on the market

-        Highest quality materials used

-        Easy to understand installation instructions

 Lumen gains of 21% have been measured when installing this relay kit onto 86-91 Vanagons with stock headlamps.

 For even greater gains in output, these relays will allow you to safely run higher wattage bulbs (up to 80/100W) without the fear of melting your headlight switch.

Made by hand in the USA!

High quality terminals used throughout for long lasting connections. Stock wiring colours used to avoid installation confusion. Fabricated specifically for the  86-91 Vanagons using 100% new premium quality parts. Installation typically takes 30 minutes or less for the novice installer.

Kits use OEM type double crimp connectors and housings where possible. 86-91 Vanagon kits require minor splicing of wires which is clearly described in the installation instructions.

 Kit includes two fully wired 40A relay harnesses with complete instructions (including detailed photos) and all necessary mounting hardware. Information on proper headlight aiming as well as lens and bulb upgrade options included with each kit.