Starter Adapters - for TDI Starters

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These adaptors mate the modern VW gear reduction starters to the air-cooled Vanagon bellhousings, manual and automatic WBX bellhousings, as well as the Vanagon/Syncro diesel bellhousings.

Developed to utilize the commonly available, powerful (1.8~2.0 kw) and reliable gear-reduction starter from the 1996 - 2003 manual-trans VW TDI (diesel) cars, the SR0408X, SR409X, and SR0425. Please read the notes below for some specifics.

  • Note - The SR0408X/409X is a Bosch high torque gear-reduction type starter, is slightly longer than the stock WBX starter, and has a self-supporting shaft, so it no longer requires the pilot bushing to position the shaft end. 
  • Note - In addition to the WBX, these adaptors will work with ALL conversions using a Kennedy, Eurospec, SmallCar, Vanaru, or Tiico engine adaptor plate and stock-diameter ring gear + WBX. The manual, non-diesel version of the adapter will also work on 1975-up manual Buses. 
  • Note - The automatic version adaptor is essentially a thicker version of the manual adaptor - and has been shown to be a good fit for the earlier Bus or Beetle manual transmission (70's) so we've got you covered there as well.
  • Note - 'VALEO' brand starters have fitment issues and are not compatible with these adaptors. Only OE Bosch or Latrical / California Starter brands are recommended. Some Valeo starters may end up appearing as Bosch 'rebuilt' also, confusing things further. The Valeo units can be identified by an 11-tooth gear and external bolts that hold the starter together. AGAIN: these DO NOT FIT!
  • Note - Starter motor adaptor allows VW 2KW starters from various TDI models to mate to the Vanagon Diesel Bellhousing.
  • Note for Syncros - On Syncro applications with locker, a 3/4" notch will be required in the diff-lock bracket, and you must use the longer (2.25") type bracket and corresponding locker pin.
  • Note for Syncros - If you are NOT running a diesel, but just want a better starter, you can run the SR0425X or SR0425N non-gear-reduction starters with the adapter without the need to cut the diff-lock bracket.