2WD Front Conversion Studs (German)

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Screw-in Front Conversion Studs convert the front hubs of a 2wd Vanagon from lug bolts to studs. Conversion studs make mounting the front wheels much easier and allow the use of matching lug nuts front and rear. Installation is as easy as screwing the stud into the hub. Conversion studs can be removed at any time and transferred to another set of rotors or another vehicle.

People often ask why our studs are more expensive than others on the market. The answer is simply because they are stronger and they fit better than the cheaper studs most shops carry. Honestly, there is a huge difference between our studs and theirs. We have seen and experienced the cheaper studs strip, gall and simply break. When the entire weight of your vehicle is riding on the studs, it's our opinion that there is no room for poorly made parts.

Please note that some conversion studs on the market have only 10-11mm worth of thread engagement into the hub. Yes, you read that right, only 10-11mm worth of thread engagement. This is not enough thread engagement to guarantee a safe installation into the Vanagon cast iron hubs. To make matters worse, the thread tolerance of those studs is very poor, resulting in the studs being too loose in the threaded bore. The end result is a stud that can easily pull out of the hub while torqueing the lugs. The studs that we sell have a much tighter thread tolerance and have much more thread engagement length to guarantee a perfect fit. Be safe! Don't settle for inferior studs.

Custom lengths available at additional cost. Please contact us for options.

Lengths listed are the amount of stud that protrudes from the hub when installed and does not include the amount of the stud that gets threaded into the hub.

All studs have an M14x1.5 thread

Available lengths: