Tall Upper Ball Joints T3 Technique Exclusive

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A T3 Technique exclusive with a LIFETIME WARRANTY (see below for warranty info).

Finally, an upper ball joint specifically designed to properly correct the suspension geometry on a lifted Vanagon. The same attention to quality and improving longevity has gone into these Tall Upper Ball Joints as our Standard Height Upper Ball Joints. Just like the Standard version, the Tall Upper Ball Joints are also designed with a grease fitting to allow serviceability and longevity. 

Fits:  Most Syncros and lifted 2wds with a front ride height over 18.5"/470mm (center of the hub to the fender lip) or combine with our Billet Adjustable Upper Control Arms to run them at any ride height from stock on up.

What they do: The Tall Upper Ball Joints help correct Bump Steer, improves Camber Curve, improves Handling, and improves Ride Quality. See the photos to view the major improvement in a couple of different simulated scenarios (hitting a bump and cornering).

How they do it: By raising the pivot point of the upper ball joint (not just the arm itself, but the entire pivot point) compared to the pivot point of the upper control arm. In raising the pivot point of the upper ball joint, the angle between the two pivot points of the upper control arm is reduced (the pivot points of the upper control arm are the upper ball joint and the upper control arm bushings).

Reducing the angle between the two pivot points: Reduces the Positive Camber Gain. Reducing the positive camber gain helps keep the tire's footprint flatter to the ground which improves traction for better handling. Reducing the positive camber gain also reduces Bump Steer - that twitchy, unpredictable steering/handling characteristic many lifted 2wds have.

How do they improve ride quality?: When the downward angle between the two upper control arm pivot points is extreme, as it is on a lifted 2wd, when the wheel hits a bump, the upward motion of the lowest pivot point (the upper ball joint) is pushing the upper control arm toward and into the upper control arm bushings before the arm starts to pivot around the bushings. This creates a harsh, jolting effect in the suspension. When the pivot points are closer to horizontal, the pivot points are at a better angle to allow the upper control arm to just pivot around the upper control arm bushings rather than being pushed into them. By allowing the upper control arm to pivot around the bushings instead of being driven into the bushing before pivoting, the ride quality is dramatically improved.   

** Note - These Vanagon Ball Joints are made for very specific applications and are not appropriate for all Vanagons. All sales are final on this product. If you are not sure if this product is right for your particular application, please consult with us prior to purchasing. Thanks for understanding the uniqueness of this product. **

 Note 1: Adding upper ball joint spacers or custom control arms DOES NOT correct the angle between the pivot points. Adding our Tall Upper Ball Joints DOES decrease the angle between the pivot points and thus does a much better job of correcting the suspension geometry, improving handling and improving the ride quality. 

Note 2: These joints DO NOT lift your van. They are made to improve the suspension geometry and drivability of your existing suspension system. 

Note 3: You will need to perform a new suspension alignment after installing the Tall Ball Joints

Note 4: The use of upper ball joint spacers is not recommended when using the Tall Upper Ball Joints. If you have ball joints spacers in place now, and are installing the Tall Upper Ball Joints, you must remove the ball joint spacers. 


  • Heavy Duty Construction for a long service life
  • Grease fittings for serviceability 
  • Moly lithium grease (and plenty of it right from the factory)
  • Nitrile/PVC boots for durability and longevity
  • T3 Technique Vanagon ball joints are the best on the market...GUARANTEED!  
  • Sold Individually! 

Click here to view details of the Limited Lifetime Warranty