CV Bolt and Washer Kit - Rear

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2WD  or Syncro Rear - Set of six (6) German CV Bolts and Schnorr Washers 

Syncro Front - Set of six (6) Socket Head CV bolts and Schnorr Washers (Syncro front CV bolts are slightly longer to accommodate the CV spacer)

  • One kit required per CV joint
  • Rear CV bolts Triple Square head tool available elsewhere on the website 
  • Syncro Front CV bolts require a 6mm socket wrench
  • Grade 12.9
  • Use only a top quality 8mm triple square bit to avoid stripping and torque to 33 ft lb with a torque wrench (don't guess). Cheap bits can strip the heads of the bolts and guessing on the torque can result in broken bolts