Heavy Duty Hi-Angle CV Joint

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Heavy Duty Hi-Angle CV Joint with Chromoly cage.

Fits stock Vanagon/Syncro axles and CV flanges. No need to modify anything to run them.

Suitable for ANY Vanagon or Syncro, stock height or lifted. 

We tested these CVs for a couple of years under many different conditions, including daily driving, before we decided to offer them for sale. During our testing period we did not have a single failure and disassembly of the daily driven CVs showed them to have completely normal wear for having approximately 65,000 miles on them. 

These CVs feature the same maximum operating angle (articulation) as the expensive to install 930 CVs and much greater maximum operating angle than the popular 944 CVs. 

A Chromoly inner cage greatly improves strength compared to the 944 CVs. The inner cage is usually what breaks when a CV breaks under load. The Chromoly inner cages help prevent breakage.