Koni Front Shocks

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Koni shocks are a good choice if you like a bit stiffer ride quality compared to stock. Koni shocks are rebound-adjustable (not compression adjustable) so they can be adjusted to various spring rates (spring stiffness). See the Technical Details tab for more info on this.

Koni shocks can be used with stock springs, lowering springs or with our 2wd Schwenk springs. See the Technical Details tab for more spring/shock info.

Sold individually 

Koni shocks are rebound (extension) adjustable. To adjust the shock, you must compress the shaft all the way down into the shock body. As viewed from the top down, turn the shaft (or upper portion of the shock) clockwise to increase the rebound resistance, counterclockwise to reduce the rebound resistance. The softer your springs, the less rebound resistance you need. Stock springs work well with the shocks set about halfway front and rear. Really stiff springs, like H&R lowering springs, work best with the rebound adjusted all the way clockwise (stiffest rebound setting). Schwenk springs work best set somewhere in the middle of that (about 3/4 to full stiff). You may need to experiment to find the setting you like best. 
Konis are not the best option for a 2wd that is lifted to a ride height above 18" (center of hub to fender lip). If you want to use Konis on a lifted van, we will be offering front and rear shock extensions soon.