NEO CV500 CV Grease

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Neo Synthetics Moly-based CV500 High-Performance CV Grease. 

NEO CV500 CV grease is an excellent choice for the typical Vanagon application where reliability and longevity are desired. Anti-seize up to 1200Fº, extremely water-washout resistant, good for many other applications like urethane bushing lube.

For lifted 2wds and Syncros where the CVs see extreme operating angles and plunge or for higher horsepower applications, NEO HPCC#1 CV Grease is the ultimate choice (link below). 

  • 12.5 oz caulking gun cartridge
  • Syncro front CVs require approximately 3.2oz of grease each
  • All rear CVs and Syncro front inner CVs require approximately 1.6oz of grease each