NEO HPCC#1 CV Joint Grease

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NEO Synthestics HPCC#1 CV Joint Grease - The Ultimate High-Performance CV Grease!

"DANG! That stuff is expensive!" Yes, it sure is, but so is the repair of a failed CV joint, especially out in the middle of nowhere. If you have a high HP, lifted, heavy Vanagon or Syncro, especially one that sees any off-road time, then NEO HPCC#1 CV grease could make the difference between an awesome trip and a trip spoiled by a failed CV joint.

Besides the fact that NEO HPCC#1 has an incredible EP (extreme pressure) package to protect all of the moving parts in the CV joint, it is also formulated to form a skin over the top of itself. Not only does this skin help keep dirt out in the event of a damaged CV boot, but it also helps create an encasement for the grease inside the CV joint. As the CV joint plunges in and out, the grease is contained inside this skin and the plunging action helps pump new grease back and forth to ensure that the CV joint always has a fresh, protected supply of grease. 

NEO HPCC#1 is used by some of the top Formula 1, SCCA, IMSA, SCORE, TORC, WRC, NASCAR and many other teams in the world to ensure they CV are never a problem for them. 

  • 12.5 oz caulking gun cartridge
  • Syncro front CVs require approximately 3.2oz of grease each
  • All rear CVs and Syncro front inner CVs require approximately 1.6oz of grease each