R12 Open End Lug Nuts (Mercedes wheels ONLY)

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These custom lug nuts are designed for use with Mercedes wheels that had 12mm lug holes and used an R12 seat lug bolt. However, these have been specifically designed for use in combination with the Vanagon's 14x1.5 studs and/or front hubs. These lugs have a 17mm hex head for use in wheels where the lug opening is really small.

These lug nuts are open end, but if you don’t like that look and want to dress them up, black plastic covers are available.

If you look at the photos to the side, you will sea a picture that shows the difference between the stock Vanagon R14 large ball seat lug nut (for use with the Vanagon steel wheel) and the custom R12 seat lug nuts. When Vanagon steel wheel lug nuts are used on the Mercedes, Audi and VW wheels that were designed for the small ball seat lugs, they do not make full contact with the lug seat. This can result in a loss of clamping pressure and the lugs can loosen up over time. Having the lug seat matched correctly to the wheel is essential to having a safe wheel installation.

  • Material - Grade 10.9 Bright Zinc Plated Steel
  • Seat Profile - R12
  • Size - 17mm Hex
  • Thread - 14x1.5
  • Overall Height - 18mm