Powerflex 2WD Gearbox Mount

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The Powerflex Urethane 2wd Gearbox Mount Bushing, also known as a transmission mount or forward motor mount, is designed to replace the original rubber mount perfectly. The unique design creates more accurate and stable gearbox location control without any increase in noise, vibration or harshness (NVH). The currently available aftermarket rubber replacement mounts allow the gearbox and engine to move forward and backward a substantial amount. In addition, they allow too much up/down movement. This can prevent smooth take-offs and can cause the engine/gearbox to "buck" while getting on and off the accelerator. The aftermarket rubber mounts are definitely not suited for any engine that increases the horsepower/torque over stock. The Powerflex Urethane 2wd Gearbox Mount Bushing keeps the engine and gearbox package stable under both acceleration and deceleration. This is very important for engines with higher than stock output. Excessive engine/gearbox movement can accelerate wear and tear on many components including motor mounts, shifter components and even the clutch (clutch chatter).

Available in both 74mm (all OE diesel, automatic and 2.1) and 59mm (all other). Since these vehicles are getting older, things may have been changed somewhere along the line by previous owners. Please check the diameter of your current bushing before ordering.

With a LIFETIME GUARANTEE, Powerflex Front Anti-Roll Bar to Chassis Bushings are the last set of bushings your Vanagon will ever need.