Powerflex Endlink Upper Bushing Set

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Powerflex Front Anti-Roll Bar to Endlink Upper Bushings improve the efficiency of the front anti-roll bar (sway bar) by allowing the anti-roll bar to do its job controlling the roll of the body during cornering or in windy conditions. Stock rubber bushings are too compliant and much of the anti-roll bar's energy is absorbed into the soft rubber before having any affect on the handling of the vehicle. 

Powerflex Front Anti-Roll Bar to Endlink Upper Bushings allow nearly 100% of the anti-roll bar's energy to be transferred to the suspension resulting in better handling and better resistance to side sway. Since the anti-roll bar itself absorbs most of the energy input from the suspension, stock-like ride quality will be maintained with no increase in harshness or noise. Available for either 2wd or Syncro.

With a LIFETIME GUARANTEE, Powerflex Front Anti-Roll Bar to Chassis Bushings are the last set of bushings your Vanagon will ever need.

  • *PLEASE NOTE* These bushings come in two sizes and are designed for use on Vanagons with 19mm or 21mm anti-roll bars. If you have any questions about the size of anti-roll bar that your Vanagon has, please enquire before purchasing.
  • Color Choice - Purple and Graphite colored bushings feature the same bushing construction and hardness. The only difference is the color. Some like purple, some don't. Now you have a choice.
  • We strongly recommend using our Bushing Snot urethane bushing grease for all lubrication on these bushings. See the link in the Related Products section below.
  • Note - One kit contains enough parts for complete replacement