Powerflex Radius Rod Bushing Set

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These Powerflex Radius Rod Bushing Sets replace the entire original bushings, sleeves and washers with new pieces. The Sleeves are stainless, the inner locator cups are aluminum and the washers are cad plated steel.

The Powerflex Vanagon Radius Rod bushings come in two different durometers (stiffness). The Purple or Graphite colored urethane (T31007-x2) is slightly stiffer than the slightly softer Yellow or Graphite colored urethane (T31009-x2). Generally speaking, the stiffer Purple/Graphite bushings would be used for stock 2wd Vanagons and the softer Yellow/Graphite bushings would be used for Syncro or lifted 2WD applications. 

Either kit will physically fit either the 2wd or Syncro application, so if you need help deciding which kit would be best for you, please contact us.


With a LIFETIME GUARANTEE, Powerflex Vanagon Radius Rod bushings are the last set of bushings that your Vanagon will ever need.

  • Color Choice - Purple and Graphite colored bushings feature the same bushing construction and hardness. The only difference is the color. Some like purple, some don't. Now you have a choice.
  • We strongly recommend using our Bushing Snot urethane bushing grease for all lubrication on these bushings. See the link in the Related Products section below.
  • Note - One kit contains enough parts for complete replacement