Powerflex Steering Rack Bushing Set

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Powerflex Steering Rack Bushings help you maintain precise steering control and help eliminate that vague, wandering feeling that the stock rubber bushings allow. The stock rubber steering rack bushings allow the steering rack to move on the chassis during steering input and from road forces that are transmitted through the tires to the steering system.

Made from polyurethane with a stainless steel inner sleeve, Powerflex Steering Rack Bushings eliminate this and keep the steering rack in place on the chassis giving you optimum handling and steering feel. Suitable for 2wd or Syncro.

With a LIFETIME GUARANTEE, Powerflex Steering Rack Bushings are the last set of bushings your Vanagon will ever need.

Color Choice - Purple and Graphite colored bushings feature the same bushing construction and hardness. The only difference is the color. Some like purple, some don't. Now you have a choice.

Note - One kit contains enough parts for complete replacement