Powerflex Syncro Gearbox/Front Diff Mounts

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Over time, the original Syncro rubber differential/gearbox mounts compress which changes the relationship of the differential and/or gearbox to the chassis mount. This can lead to vibrations and noise. Replacing your old, worn out rubber mounts with Powerflex's urethane mounts will return your differential and/or your gearbox to its original location and will provide you with excellent component location properties along with great NVH (noise, harshness, vibration) isolation. The single-piece stainless inner sleeves are a bonus as well.

With a LIFETIME GUARANTEE, Powerflex Front Anti-Roll Bar to Chassis Bushings are the last set of bushings your Vanagon will ever need.

  • Fits all Syncro Models
  • One kit includes enough parts to replace the bushings in one mount location. The gearbox (transmission, transaxle) requires two kits for complete mount replacement and the front differential requires three kits for complete mount replacement. 5 kits are required to replace all of the Syncro differential and gearbox mounts.
  • Each kit includes one upper mount, one lower mount and one stainless sleeve.