R13 Ball Seat Lug Bolts (late VW/Audi ONLY)

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These lug bolts feature a R13 ball seat that is appropriate for most late model VW and Audi wheels. Available in many lengths to suit a variety of different applications. Please note that all R13 ball seat lug bolts feature a 17mm hex head. For 2wd applications, this is something to keep in mind since your R13 rear lug nuts will have a 19mm head.

If you need help determining the proper length or seat style for your application, please contact us.

  • Material - Grade 10.9 Bright Zinc Finish Steel
  • Seat Profile - R13 Ball 
  • Head Size - 17mm Hex
  • Thread - 14x1.5
  • Available Lengths - 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, and 50mm
  • * NOTE * All stated lengths for the bolts are the length of the shank and does not include the head or seat area.