R12 Security Lug Nuts (Mercedes wheels ONLY)

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Finally, there is a small ball seat security lug set available that suits most Mercedes wheels. These lock sets have M14x1.5 threads to match your Vanagon. Available for vehicles with studs on all four corners or for vehicles with studs on the rear and bolts on the front.

Vehicles with bolts on the front will be provided with two conversion studs that can be used one of two ways. You can insert the stud into the hub and use it as a normal stud or you can insert the short end of the stud into the lock nut and use it like a conventional bolt. Either way works. Please consult with us prior to purchasing to ensure that the correct length front stud is supplied.

  • *NOTE - If you plan on using the stud in the conventional way, as a stud, some applications may require the stud to be shortened to the proper length.
  • Thread size = M14x1.5
  • Finish = Chrome
  • Grade = 10.9
  • Key hex head size = 19mm and 21mm