Upper Ball Joints T3 Technique Exclusive

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A T3 Technique Exclusive ! 

Finally, Vanagon Upper Ball Joints that will go the distance. 

Seeing the decline of quality Vanagon Upper ball joints, we decided to have our own line made to suit our level of quality. These upper ball joints are designed with a grease fitting to allow serviceability and longevity. 

Note 1: *IMPORTANT* - For fitment on a Syncro, you may need to drill the mounting holes to 27/64" (10.7mm) since the mounting holes in the Syncro arms are smaller than on a 2wd.

Note 2: If using these with billet control arms, you may need to replace the grease fitting with a set screw for clearance purposes.


  • Heavy Duty Construction for a long service life
  • Grease fittings for serviceability 
  • Moly lithium grease (and plenty of it right from the factory)
  • Nitrile/PVC boots for durability and longevity
  • T3 Technique Vanagon ball joints are the best on the market...GUARANTEED!  
  • Sold Individually!